Lagos State: VIO Men are Back To Lagos Roads. They are out for the Following

March 19, 2019 830 views 0

For all Lagos State Motorist, the sight of VIO Officers, the sighting of their White Uniforms or the Black and yellow striped vehicles instills a lot of fear.

The update is that effective this week,they would be fully unleashed on Lagos roads. Motorist are adviced to take note of the following which they’d be asking for

Now, private vehicles will also be stopped and checked based on these ;

1. Covered number plates. Even those transparent covers are NOT allowed.

2. Broken rear and head lamps, side mirrors.

3. Unregistered vehicles. Especially for dealers. If they must move these vehicles around, they should have valid dealers plate numbers on them, otherwise such vehicles will be impounded.

4. Illegal operations. This include all unpainted commercial vehicles. UBER cabs without proper certifications.

It is also important to state that ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) cameras take care of the basic document verification.

These cameras are located around Alausa axis, Allen, Ikeja CBD central business district. For now, and will extend to other parts soon.

But most especially, no officer will stop you to check for your vehicle particulars and Drivers Licence unless you have been Sighted to default any of the above 1,2,3 or 4.

Once impounded, you will be asked to produce all necessary documents, sometimes tax clearance which could be very stressful.

So the best option is to comply and prevent.

Now these are the vehicle documents one should possess in Lagos State.

1. Valid Vehicle Licence

2. Valid insurance.

3. Valid Drivers Licence

4. Valid Road Worthiness Certificate. (RWC)

(Pls make sure the RWC is a Lagos State doc. Ogun state and others are not recognised for now, so the camera will issue a ticket of invalid RWC once u pass by without a Lagos State RWC.)

5. Valid LASDRI card for only paid drivers.

If you have a driver, he should have a valid Drivers Licence and also a valid LASDRI card.

The LASDRI card is only for commercial drivers ie paid drivers. Someone who is employed to drive, or who drives for a living.

Also note that any vehicle registered with a company name is termed a commercial vehicle.

Finally, anybody going into VIS/Road safety HQ compound located at Ogunusi Road by Ojodu Berger, should make sure every document is intact. It will be checked from the gate.

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